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Gazebos come in all shapes and sizes. They offer an interesting dimension to any outdoor space wether it is an urban yard or a country estate. At Custom Cabanas we design, build and install the best gazebos in the industry.

We provide expert installation services throughout Southern Ontario.

Wakelin Court

Imagine turning your outdoor space into a personal oasis, an escape from the hectic pace of life. Imagine if that space could instantly transform from a place of solitude to an entertainer's dream. We developed this Western Red Cedar Gazebo with an elegant mixture of Japanese influence & contemporary functionality including hideaway screens.

Pearl Garden Kiosk

This structure was inspired by the ancient lines and craftsmanship of the Chinese Garden Kiosk. Complete with curved exposed rafters and cupola this is an elegant outdoor space for relaxation and entertaining. Notice the fine details in the lattice work, interlaced floor boards and welcoming bridge.

Mt. Forest Octagon

The traditional Octagon or 8 sided Gazebo is available in many sizes and finishes. The most distinctive feature in any Gazebo is the exposed roof framing. Victorian era gazebos took this to a new level by introducing features such as a double or triple tiered roof, a detail often found earlier in Japanese and Chinese architecture.

The Victorian

Inspired by Victorian elegance, this octagon Gazebo is complete with operable windows and screens and stained glass cupola.

Eastern Spa

Reminiscent of a far eastern tea house, curved rafters, ample overhangs and architectural lattice detail make this a unique and stylish Gazebo, perfect for sheltering a hot tub.

Zen Gazebo

Creating a defined and tranquil spot, this Japanese inspired Gazebo is great for entertaining or taking a few moments to recharge from your hectic day. It features a double curved roof line, Western Red Cedar construction including custom architectural lattice, cupola and interlaced flooring.

Gazebos are structures that truly require expert craftsmanship. Gazebos also require expert installation as they are often more permanent, larger structures where safety and longevity are important factors.

Gazebos often become the focal point of an exterior space so location and design are also key considerations. These requirements make it essential to retain an experienced firm like Custom Cabanas when considering the purchase of a Gazebo. The earlier that you involve Custom Cabanas in planning your new Gazebo, the better. This will ensure the best design and location for your structure. Remember, we offer a free consultation and quotation so you or your design professional may feel free to contact us to schedule an appointment. You may also submit drawings to us by email for a free quotation.