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We provide expert installation services throughout Southern Ontario.

At Custom Cabanas, quality construction begins even before we pick up a tool or arrive at the job site. We start right from the lumber yard where our experienced lumber pickers select the best material that will be right for your job. But it doesn’t stop there. There are many important details that separate Custom Cabanas from the rest of the pack and are essential for ensuring that you will have years of carefree enjoyment with structures that look and function as good as the day that they are installed.

Fasteners: we use only stainless steel nails and coated or stainless steel screws. This ensures that your structure will have a beautiful appearance after years of use free from creaks and stress cracks.

Adhesives: unlike most other companies who use carpenters glue, we use only exterior grade PVC adhesives that are designed to stand up to the rigors of the outdoor environment. This ensures tight fitting, durable joints where moisture cannot penetrate and deteriorate the structure.

Finishes: at Custom Cabanas, we only use finishes that were designed for the material they were made for. These are premium; professional grade finishes from manufacturers that have proven themselves in marketplace. And probably more importantly, all finishes are applied with expert methods that meet or exceed manufacturers specifications.

Labour: Custom Cabanas only employs seasoned professionals that are experienced in their field. You will find our work has joints that are “glove tight”, material that is free of defects and installations that will endure the test of time.

Here is an example of why quality details are important: Installation of decking. Most companies install decking with nails whereas at Custom Cabanas we install decking with screws through holes that have been predrilled and countersunk. Lets look at the difference!

• nails can crack or split wood over time.
• nails promote premature rot and decay.
• nails can discolour wood over time.
• wood swells and “pops” nails overtime, loosening the decking whereas screws will maintain their position.
• screws provide a much better appearance.
• screws have better fastening power which ensures a more uniform surface.

For premium jobs we use specialty selected kiln dried, furniture grade cedar. Check out these resources to see the difference:

For more information or to arrange a free quotation contact us by email or Phone: 416 998 6578

We work with many Architects, Landscape Architects and Designers.

Don't settle for second best. We don't!